Introducing DMN

Starting today, the publication known as Direct Marketing News will hereby be called DMN. We have chosen the simple structure of DMN because each of those letters represents many things we plan to cover.

So, what will change? Our sole goal is to provide value to the readers in whatever form and medium that makes sense.

We aim to avoid the middle. We will post short content to educate you and long-form content to give you the deep knowledge you need to gain an edge on competitors. Some recent examples can be found hereherehere and here

Above all, we will focus on data-driven and digital marketing and the topics that matter to senior marketers and the companies that serve them. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Same website as always:

  • We will no longer print regular monthly issues, but will run special print editions around key topics

  • Rededication to covering the marketing industry in a holistic way: more on overall strategy and how companies plan all aspects of their marketing and less on individual silos

  • New, dedicated sections, such as:

                        Know Now – our series of explainer articles

                        Spotlight On – quick roundups of recent news around key topics

                        Countdown – where we host the best of our lists

  • We are eliminating comments (moderation has become too unwieldy) but doing more to solicit and publish readers’ stories – such as asking people to submit their biggest market mistakes 

  • Experimentation with story formats

  • Dedicated themed weeks on topics like data, healthcare and the future

  • Refreshed Case Studies section that filters case studies by topic area

  • And much, much more

In the coming weeks, we will also relaunch our newsletters to better include curated content from elsewhere.  

We are launching two podcast series: Spotlight On, an audio compliment to our articles of the same name, and One on One, an interview series with key industry experts. You can find them in our podcasts section or on iTunes.

Social media will be a bigger part of our strategy. Today, at 1pm EST we will launch a Twitter chat to answer any of your questions and tell you more about what we’re doing here. Following along on at #DMNChat.

We will also be active on Snapchat and other platforms. As always you can find us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.

While we view this as a relaunch, we expect to keep iterating. While we – and we know you – have loved our print product, our website affords us much more ability to experiment with formats and topics in a way that will provide great value to our existing readership and help us to attract the readers of tomorrow.

We welcome all feedback on our new approach: email us at [email protected].

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