Intrawest cell tool updates skiers on snow conditions

To reach skiers on and off the slopes, Vermont-based ski resort Intrawest part­nered with multichannel marketing services provider Responsys to debut mobile marketing communications. It sends consumers weather-dependent of­fers to their mobile phones.


“A lot of skiers that ski on a weekly ba­sis only want to go when the conditions are right, like when the big snowstorm is coming in,” said Jeffrey Clayton, VP of strategic alliances at Responsys.


Intrawest will send out mobile messag­es once a week with information about ski conditions and with discounts on its travel services. The firm has begun the mobile program with its Stratton Moun­tain Resort in Vermont, but plans to roll out mobile marketing campaigns across all of its 13 properties soon.


“The idea of the campaign is to identify specific things that are happening at the ski resort that they can notify the skier about in real time,” Clayton said. “There is a timing component that people seem to respond to.”


The firm partnered with mobile servic­es firm Synbase 365 to adapt Intrawest’s pre-existing e-mail marketing program for the handheld device.


“Our customer is a high-income con­sumer who is constantly on the go, and we found that weren’t getting our mes­sage across by sending out e-mails which wouldn’t show up well on a mobile de­vice,” said Randy Cuff, director of CRM development at Intrawest. “We were de­pending on these people to go back to their desktop to read our message again, which for time-sensitive offers was not good, so we decided to update.”


This makes it easier for a recipient to click back to a Web site or WAP-enabled site where users can transact.


“Mobile is similar to what e-mail was in 2001, and I think Intrawest has figured out that it’s not just the outbound mes­sage, but you have to give them the space to transact to find all of the informa­tion that they are looking for,” Clayton added.

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