Internet of Things Privacy Working Group Begins Forming


At its first Internet of Things Privacy Summit in Silicon Valley this week, privacy management company TRUSTe announced it would be leading the formation of an IoT privacy working group over the next three months. Its goal is to have the panel ready to present a rundown of standards and best practices at next year’s summit. According to Gartner, 26 billion connected devices—including automobiles and refrigerators—will populate the world by 2020.

“This multi-stakeholder working group is the bridge from the important discussions we’ve had at the Summit to where the detailed work begins to draw up technical standards to help companies develop the privacy solutions needed to protect consumer privacy,” TRUSTe CEO Chris Babel said in his closing remarks at the event yesterday. Summit speakers included GE Chief Development Officer Paul Rogers, McAfee Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy, FTC attorney Laura Berger, and Intuit Chief Privacy Officer Barbara Lawler.

The working group, Babel said, is seeking like-minded and motivated experts capable of determining the infrastructure the IoT must support to protect privacy. Groups or individuals with expertise in this area are invited to register their interest at [email protected]

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