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Internet Ad Revenues Grow 19 Percent


Internet ad revenues in the U.S. ballooned to $27.5 billion in the first half of 2015, which marks a 19% increase over the $23.1 billion during the same time last year. That’s according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) “Internet Advertising Revenue Report.”

The findings show that 2015 second quarter Internet ad revenues grew by 22.5% to $14.3 billion, up from $11.7 billion in Q2 2014—which represents an 8.5% growth from this year’s first quarter.

“Internet ad revenue growth is being driven further than ever before, as advertisers continue to invest in new ways to reach consumers,” said Sherrill Mane, SVP, research, analytics and measurement at IAB, in a press release. “Audiences have rapidly altered their media and purchasing habits and made digital media and mobile devices an integral part of their lives.”

Other tidbits from the report include:

  • Mobile revenues jumped to $8.2 billion in HY 2015, up 54% from $5.3 billion reported at half year (HY) 2014.
  • Mobile now represents about a third (30%) of the revenues generated by the entire Internet advertising marketplace, up from 23% at HY 2014.
  • Digital video reached $2 billion in the first half of 2015—a 35% year-over-year jump from $1.5 billion.
  • Search revenues in the first half of 2015 surpassed $10 billion—an 11% increase over the $9 billion in revenues accrued during the same period of 2014.
  • Social media revenues reached $4.4 billion in HY 2015—a 51% rise over the same period in 2014 ($2.9 billion).
  • The same top three advertising verticals continue to account for just about half (48%) of advertising revenue: retail (22%), financial services (13%), and automotive (13%).
  • Display-related advertising revenues in the first half of 2015 totaled $6.8 billion—a 5% uptick from $6.5 billion in the same period of 2014—and accounted for 25% of digital advertising revenue overall.

“Advertisers are more committed than ever to connect with audiences on digital screens,” said Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of IAB, in a press release. “Content is key to winning consumer attention—on mobile, in digital video, on desktop, and more—throughout the day.”

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