Interelate Selects Mailnet Services to Improve CRM Data Quality

Mailnet Services, Inc., Nashville, TN, announced yesterday that it has been selected by Interelate, Inc., a customer intelligence solutions vendor, to improve the accuracy and value of its customer relationship management services.

A service contract between the two companies gives Minnesota-based Interelate access to a customized, streamlined version of Mailnet's flagship product,, to process clients' customer relationship management databases. is a database processing service that standardizes and updates addresses and phone numbers, and provides list management functions such as merge/purge to remove duplicate records, all via the Internet. Services available through include change of address and Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS).

“Mailnet is an integral part of Interelate's data hygiene and conditioning services offered to its clients on an ongoing basis,” said Parth Srinivasa, vice president of analytic services at Interelate.

Interelate is using to standardize client records, check for duplicates and update address information.

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