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Quique the Head

Agency: Shackleton
Client: Diesel

Diesel tapped Shackleton to help drive awareness for its Mowie motorcycle helmet upon its launch. Operating on a tight budget, the Spanish agency developed Enrique Carboni Jr., a persona born as a bodyless head, perpetually sheathed in a Mowie helmet to protect his only bodily asset while still remaining fashionable. The “Quique the Head” campaign included a faux Australian video documentary that detailed Enrique’s ambitions and how he goes about his daily life, as well as an autobiographical blog highlighting his past. Users could look through pictures on the blog and upload a photo to donate to his search for body parts. The video went viral and received 825,000 views and 450 body part donations. “Quique the Head is very entertaining, well-executed and sticks to the brand’s essence,” one judged commented.

Executive Creative Director
Enric Nel-lo

Creative Director/Copywriter
Pipo Virgós

Creative Director/Art Director
Francesc Badia

Interactive Director
Marc Sallent

Composing Your Life

Agency: CP Proximity
Client: Audi

Audi wanted to update its database without simply asking customers to fill out a long questionnaire. It sent each customer a greeting on their birthday, inviting them to visit the website and download a unique tune created by forming a note from each data point in their profile. Upon accessing the site, recipients could update their information. The song served to remind customers that their profiles are used for more than just commercial communications, a method that garnered praise from one judge who said it was the among the best uses of data and gave the best incentive to share personal information. Each customer could download, share on Facebook and burn the song to a blank CD. The “Composing your Life” campaign reached 200,000 people and 76,000 of those updated their information.

Executive Creative Director
Eva Santos

Art Director
Rodrigo Chaparreiro

Gemma Rivas


Love Letters from the Belgian Post

Agency: Tequila/Brussels
Client: The Belgian Post

The Belgian Post wanted to retain the loyalty of Belgian consumers following the mail service organization’s rebrand. Its agency devised a campaign aimed at intensifying the emotion of receiving a letter while promoting a tagline that “The Post takes care of it.”  The effort allowed the public to order a handwritten love letter from one of four celebrity ghostwriters and have it sent to a loved one. A video showed the sender and recipient the story process from the writing to its delivery journey through Google Maps. More than 21,000 letters were sent.

Art Director
Philip De Cock

Tom De Vliegher

Creative Director
Frank Marinus

Live Rescue

Agency: DDB New Zealand RappTribal
Client: Coastguard New Zealand

The Coastguard in New Zealand patrols the country’s entire coastline with just 75 boats. A campaign was devised to increase donations from the public by 20%. The marketing teams decided to stage a live rescue effort on TV that would demonstrate the challenges of saving a life at sea. It stranded four people 20 miles off the coast. TV spots drove viewers to liverescue.co.nz where they could engage with a search simulator race game. Visits to the Coastguard website increased 20% and donations increased 41%.

Group ECD
Toby Talbot

Deputy Creative Director
Regan Grafton

Creative Director
Daniel Wright

Matt Swinburne


Bare All

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Client: Mars Snackfoods

Mars’ marketing teams were tasked with increasing M&Ms sales among 16- to 24-year-olds, so it introduced the idea of shell-less nude M&Ms. It challenged participants to find the naked pieces in packages through online and TV advertising. Pack codes could be registered on the campaign website and fans could bid on candy “shells” on eBay. Its 2010 Q1 sales increased 35% compared with 2009.

Executive Creative Director
James McGrath

Creative Director
Damian Royce

Art Director
Darren Pitt

Rohan Lancaster


Make a Move
Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut
Client: Exotica
ECD: Bechara Mouzannar

The weight of your good deeds
Agency: OgilvyOne Spain
Client: ING Direct
ECD: Jesús Rasines

Love Cricket?
Agency: BMF
Client: Commonwealth Bank
Copywriter: Tim Wood

Pedigree Adoption Tales
Agency: Proximity Canada
Client: Mars Canada
CD: John Gagné

Mr Knowitall
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Client: Samsung
ECD: Gavin McLeod



The yellow treehouse/Business campaign

Agency: AIM Proximity
Client: The Yellow Pages Group

In New Zealand, the Yellow Pages was seen as an old fashioned book that was no longer the best place for people to find businesses. Because of this, Yellow was finding it increasingly difficult to sell listings in its books and to get people to use its books and site. AIM Proximity wanted to show that consumers could do any job using only Yellow. The agency set up Tracey Collins, a young, pleasant New Zealander with restaurant experience, with the mission to build a restaurant in a Redwood tree using only Yellow to find the myriad suppliers she needed. Each business that helped was featured and linked on YellowTreehouse.co.nz. DRTV, radio, print, billboards, mail and Web ads showed the progress of the restaurant, which, once completed, allowed people to register for a meal. Two thousand people visited the restaurant before it was taken over by Redwood Park, where it was constructed. Yellow itself reaped treetop-high results: Sales of its directories increased 6.7%, with online usage rising 11%, year-over-year.

Also placed gold in the Interactive category and bronze in the Microsite category.

Executive Creative Director
Nick Worthington

Creative Directors
Steve Cochrane, Dave King

Head of Interactive Art
Aaron Goldring

Group Account Director
Matt Pickering

Art Director
Maria Lishman

Anne Boothroyd

Art Director
Tony Clewett

Digital Producer
Amanda Theobald

Senior Digital Designer
Shanan Goldring

James Hurman

Six beers of separation/Consumer campaign

Agency: BMF
Client: Lion Nathan

Lion Nathan wanted to keep its Tooheys Extra Dry brand fresh, salient and innovative to its 18- to 24-year-old target market. Agency BMF created a campaign in which target consumers were challenged to meet their idol over a beer. The “Six beers of separation” campaign played off the saying “six degrees of separation,” which itself is based on the theory that everyone on Earth is linked by no more than six people. More than 1,500 people registered. Four were chosen to take part and their journeys to meet their idols were filmed. These videos were made available through a range of media channels and also combined into a Six Beers of Separation feature film, which screened at metropolitan cinemas and ran on pay-per-view; more than 150,000 DVDs of the feature film were distributed with the purchase of Tooheys Extra Dry.  The campaign’s YouTube channel is the fifth-most subscribed in Australian history. Lion Nathan also attained its three-pronged objective of achieving deeper brand interaction, engaging consumers and increasing sales. Tooheys Extra Dry sales have increased by 9.5%, and its market share is up 15%. You’d have to toast this one as a success.

Also placed gold in the Interactive category.        

Executive Creative Director
Warren Brown

Creative Director
Simon Langley

Digital Creative Director
Chris James

Dustin Lane

Art Directors
Shane Bradnick, Luke Hawkins, Paul Bruce


The best job in the world/Single consumer

Agency: SapientNitro
Client: Tourism Queensland

Tourism Queensland was in a bind. Consumers booking island vacations were often looking beyond the Great Barrier Reef to locations such as Greece, the Maldives and Hawaii. Agency SapientNitro decided to draw attention to the area by offering the best job in the world — “island caretaker.” The contest launched in January 2009, offering a paid ($150,000 AUS) position for six months. Applicants from around the world — nearly 35,000 of them from 20 countries — entered by sending 60-second video applications. Because applicants needed to demonstrate knowledge of the area, they were forced to learn more about the Reef region, thus raising awareness of the destination. The winner was Ben Southall, a diving and sailing enthusiast from the United Kingdom. Southall reported on his experience through blogs, photos and video diaries celebrating the islands. The campaign garnered plenty of worldwide attention, and news articles covering it are still searchable on Google. Not bad for a budget of less than $2 million.

Art Directors
Cristian Staal, Ralph Barnett

Creative Directors
Nancy Hartley, James Burchill

Account Directors
Anne-Maree Wilson, Adam Form, Edwina Gilmour

National Strategy Planning Director
Darren McColl

Senior Digital Producer
Jason Kibsgaard

BMW Z4 interactive campaign/Consumer campaign

Agency: Dotglu

BMW’s Roadster has been popular among sports car enthusiasts and affluent men 30 to 40 years old. But to increase market share for its new Z4 Roadster, BMW wanted to expand this target audience and appeal to empty nesters. Creative for this interactive experience tied to a Robin Rhode painting exhibit in Grand Central Station in New York, where the cars were on display. The car’s features were tied to the canvas in all of the creative, which included an iPhone app, as well as two Web sites BMWUSA.com and ExpressionOfJoy.com. The microsites saw more than 630,000 unique visitors. The homepage takeovers generated 159 million impressions and a 0.30% clickthrough rate, which led to a 336% increase in Web site traffic.

Creative Director
Aric Cheston

Associate Creative Directors
Anthony Monahan, Marc Hartzman

Art Director
Jonathan Cochran

Senior Copywriter
Aileen Calderon

Gillette body shaving/Consumer campaign

Agency: BBDO, New York / Proximity Canada
Client: P&G Gillette

Looking to sell its new full body shaver, the Gillette Fusion Power, the razor brand reached out to younger men who care about shaving and grooming. The goal was to build brand awareness and drive sales by creating a conversation about male body shaving, an underdiscussed subject. Gillette encouraged guys to “GO FURTHER” with their razors and suggested that by doing so, they would attract women. To help illustrate the concept, Gillette created a series of instructional how-to videos. The videos highlighted the best ways to remove body hair. The videos saw more than 5 million views and was one of the three most-watched videos the week of May 25, 2009. It was also popular on Twitter, with more than 445,000 Tweets linking to the videos.

Chief Creative Officers
David Lubars, Bill Bruce

Creative Directors
Jack Neary, Jon Krevolin, John Gagne

Art Directors
Ari Elkouby, Cory Smith

Brian Groves, Ryan Lawrence, Hope Grider, Jonathan Weiss

Valentines ‘09/Consumer campaign

Agency: AIM Proximity
Client: The Warehouse Limited

The Warehouse Limited wanted to recreate the magic of its 2008 Valentine’s Day campaign in which 20,000 men registered for the opportunity to have a plane tow their love message across New Zealand. It ran a contest for the chance to win a full page ad in New Zealand’s largest paper on Valentine’s Day, where the winning man could advertise their personal love message. It e-mailed the prior year’s entrants to promote the campaign, which encouraged men to visit the Warehouse Web site and create a personalized message on their webcams. The goal was to drive in-store sales. The registration site contained vouchers for Valentine’s Day gifts. In five days, the site saw 12,000 unique visitors, and more than 260 people redeemed vouchers in-store.

Creative Director
Dave King

Head of Interactive Art
Aaron Goldring

Digital Business Director
Jose Alomajan

Senior Digital Producers
Andrew Simpson, Amanda Theobald

Senior Copywriter
Steve Anderson


Baby made on board/Consumer campaign

Agency: Proximity BBDO, Belgium
Client: Dodge

Dodge was launched in the Belgian market as the macho car brand. However, when it came time to sell its family wagon, agency Proximity BBDO had to maintain the macho joie de vivre while building a family-friendly image. The “Baby made on board” campaign dared prospects to test the backseat of the Dodge Journey and make a baby during the test drive. “Baby made on board” stickers were handed out, e-mails were sent and posters were put out, all leading to a Web site where the “action” was communicated. Predictors were given to every couple that went for a backseat “test drive.” Visitors were invited to spread the message by sending an interactive e-card to their girlfriend, or tease their friends with an e-card highlighting the importance of “coming together.” The campaign also was supported with radio commercials. Dodge said a total of 72 babies were born as a result of the campaign — or at least as close as their parents can figure.

Also placed bronze in the Interactive category.

Proximity BBDO team

Take the wheel/Consumer campaign

Agency: Tequila
Client: Nissan Australia

Mirroring recession-driven trends in economies worldwide, car sales in Australia fell 22% in 12 months. Despite that, Nissan pressed ahead with its plans to launch a luxury sports car, the 370Z, as part of its Z series. Hoping to boost sales, it turned to agency Tequila, which focused its investment on the audience most likely to respond — auto enthusiasts, especially those who had owned cars in the Z series over the past 25 years. Despite the tough times, Tequila didn’t set modest objectives. It wanted to exceed the sales records set by the launch of the 350Z in 2002. But how can you get people behind the wheel when they’re not sure if the time is right for a new car? You bring the wheel to them. Wheels were mailed to prospects, who could go to a microsite, hold up the object to a webcam and activate a virtual test drive. Banner ads replicated the experience of being behind the wheel of the 370Z, with one connecting to users’ webcams, showing different angles of the car’s new cockpit as they turn their heads. The high-octane campaign produced the results Nissan was looking for: During June and July, demand ran at around 29 orders a week, equivalent to two months of sales for the 350Z. A total of 232 cars were sold during this period, leading to $15.7 million in sales.

Also placed bronze in the Interactive category.

Creative Director/Art Director
Marco Eychenne

Creative Director
Russ Tucker

Mark Cimarosti

Art Director
Claire Gillis

Digital Designers
Glenn Christensen, Kim Janson

Valentine’s Day – Pepe/Consumer campaign

Agency: Atmosphere BBDO
Client: AT&T

AT&T wanted to play up the texting ability of the Samsung Propel device with this campaign that ran around Valentine’s Day 2009. Atmosphere BBDO created a campaign with TV, online, print and social media components driving consumers to a microsite. Creative featured the lovelorn Warner Bros. skunk Pepe Le Pew, and a number of double entendres. The overarching metaphor was how the phone could help lovers connect through text and otherwise.

Senior Creative Director
Arturo Aranda

Associate Creative Directors
Melissa Hayworth, Marthinus Strydom


Just Ask

Ask Jeeves Inc.
ECD: Scott Briskman

Direct Antidote

Sage Peachtree
CD: Martin Strazovec

Connect Mr. Fong
Ogilvy & Mather, New York

ECD: Susan Westre

Score a plane
AIM Proximity

Air New Zealand
CD: Dave King


OgilvyOne, Spain

ING Direct
ECD: Jesús Rasines


Burger King
ECD: Marga Castaño

Crazy Wwworld

CD: Ron Fielding

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