IntelliVision Gets MotorMillions on the Road

IntelliVision, Somerville, NJ, is set to test its MotorMillions infomercial on national cable, hosted by self-made millionaire Dean Grazios, who came up with the MotorMillions used-car-buying strategy to get himself out of debt. He devised a plan to buy used cars at severely discounted prices and sell them below retail while still making a profit. As soon as his system put him far enough in the black, he decided to bring it to DRTV and host the show himself, using his own enthusiasm and rags-to-riches story.

The half-hour show is a standard format with three acts but includes three three-minute calls to action, which were extended by one minute to explain the many parts of the product offering. In total, the business opportunity system contains six books, two videos, a CD and a password for a group of pages at that lets buyers participate in chats, online auctions, classifieds and customer support. The Web site will launch just before the show hits the air and plays an integral role in the campaign.

Visitors will be able to purchase the entire product or parts of it on the site. Because the password-required pages are part of the offering, buyers are expected to return to use the features available, which will leave them open for a variety of up-selling opportunities. Elisabeth D'Orazio, producer of the infomercial for IntelliVision, said that the site also will serve as a springboard for creative ideas surrounding the product. Ideas and reaction to the site also will have an effect on any tweaking of the recently completed show, as well as any future forays into DRTV.

To reach its intended audience of entrepreneurial types, the show's pacing, camerawork, lighting and techno music are nontraditional, upbeat and driving.

“Dean really spent a lot of time and money on this show to make sure it was effective for the audience,” said D'Orazio. “We started last August and we have been shooting off and on, taking the time to get it right. In order to have a back-end marketing strategy, people have to be really happy with what they purchased. This the reason we put so much into the product and the making of this infomercial.”

The product is available only through the site and the show, and plans to take it to retail, catalogs and other consumer venues will be decided based on the success of the infomercial.

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