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Intellivent partners with frozen food home deliverer

Marketing firm Intellivent Group today announced a partnership with Schwan’s Home Service Inc., the world’s largest frozen food home delivery company. Intellivent has been selected to create a comprehensive advertising, sampling and promotion program for Schwan’s.

Intellivent Group will be responsible for establishing partnerships with Schwan’s approved brands to participate in customized inserts, home delivery bag promotions, product sampling programs and custom sales catalogs.

Advertisers will be able to access Schwan’s 3 million frozen-food customers throughout the US monthly.

“The Schwan’s Home Service business was built on delivering quality products and great customer service. That strategy will never change,” said Scott McNair, president of Schwan’s Home Service Inc. “Intellivent Group is going to expand upon the marketing and advertising pieces of the business to add even greater value to our customers’ daily lives.”


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