IntelliQuest Positions Itself to Technology Marketers

IntelliQuest, a provider of information-based marketing services, Atlanta, is seeking to attract technology telemarketers with its new division, IQ MKIS, launched earlier this year.

First Data Solutions, a provider of consumer, lifestyle and public record information, has teamed with IntelliQuest in its efforts. The division's new product family, IntelliCIS (Intelligent Customer Information System), will be the key to lure the desired marketers, according to Diane Stuckey, vice president of marketing for IQ MKIS, which stands for: Intelliquest's Marketing Information Solutions.

“IntelliCIS lets [technology telemarketers] leapfrog their competitors strategically by increasing overall customer profitability,” said Stuckey. “By adding value and intelligence to customer/prospect data, IntelliCIS enables better marketing and sales decisions. It can literally drive the acquisition and retention of profitable customers.” Important to the end-user, it leads to more being sold per telemarketing hour and the cost per sale decreasing.

What gives IQ MKIS the edge over its competitors?

“By focusing exclusively on the technology industry and by leveraging IntelliQuest's considerable intellectual capital, we can offer clients a truly compelling industry-specific marketing/business solution,” said Dr. Charles Stryker, IQ MKIS president. “This unique focus puts IntelliQuest in a leadership role in defining how database marketing will be done for these technology markets. You can't apply the same techniques appropriate for bank cards and catalogs to these fast-paced and unique industry segments.

“We really understand the tools in the technology segment, and are able to generate in depth, significant value for our customers,” he said.

The IntelliCIS line will support the complete marketing process, from customer identification through post-sale results. It will be an environment that includes data integrity and enhancement services, data warehousing and management, reporting and analysis.

The first component was offered to clients this quarter; the entire IntelliCIS family will be available to technology marketers by year's end.

“We believe these products and techniques will dramatically improve marketing effectivess,” said Stuckey. In the company's Best Practice Research, which surveyed more than 50 companies, a 10 to 20 percent increase in marketing effectiveness was anticipated for companies using the IntelliCIS database marketing techniques.

HBO is one company that is expecting to work with IntelliCIS.

“We want to understand what the consumer is doing transactionally in response to various marketing efforts,” said Julie Harari, Director of Database Marketing, HBO. “Intelliquest's experience with market research and people within the telecommunications environment is very helpful in moving that initiative along.”

“The source of a lot of our information [to extend the reach and focus on the subscriber] is telemarketing,” said Harari. “We have identified opportunities for data management and database marketing (which historically have not been cable's strength and focus) and will possibly develop products that are customized for the cable industry. It's an opportunity who's time has come due to many factors, IQ MKIS being one of them.

“The focus in the future is likely to be what can Intelliquest do; what can HBO do to help cable operators,” said Harari.

HBO was first introduced to Intelliquest through a project with First Data Solutions, initiated in 1995, in which a cooperative database was developed enabling access to a company's billing data and providing marketing analysis and information cable operators were not able to get on their own.

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