Intelligent Mail stands major test of US Census: USPS

Attendees at the National Postal Forum learned firsthand about the effectiveness of the Postal Service’s Intelligent Mail Barcode system on April 12.

Thomas Day, SVP of intelligent mail and address quality at the USPS, presented information about Intelligent Mail’s biggest test: successfully processing, delivering and tracking the hundreds of millions of US Census Bureau forms sent to every US household this year.

The USPS picked up assembled loads of Census forms from printers in Dallas, then dispatched and distributed them throughout the country, he said.

“We could view the entire process – from individual pieces, the assembled loads, trucks from the Dallas printer and then throughout our system,” Day said. “We could see all the trucks being dispatched, and we knew when the pieces were delivered on time.”

Day stressed that visibility on this level is important to direct marketers, especially when executing multichannel campaigns.

He added that Netflix uses Intelligent Mail to move its DVDs to customers. Day explained that Intelligent Mail’s visibility and predictability enable Netflix to accurately notify customers via e-mail when their order will be delivered the next day.

“It’s a great way to communicate with customers,” he said.

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