Intel Gives 'Yes' for an Answer to Businesses

Intel Corp. is starting a multimillion-dollar worldwide marketing effort consisting of print, outdoor and online elements to highlight what its brand can mean for businesses, the company said yesterday.

Intel means innovation, stability and reliability across a number of technological offerings, the company said. The theme “Yes” will serve as an umbrella under which it will incorporate the company's enterprise computing products, which include PC to server to mobile processors, and answer questions CEOs and CIOs are asking about the direction of technology.

The ads will reference Intel's role as a provider of microprocessors and other silicon-based ingredients and will feature questions such as: “Can a company that doesn't make computers change the course of computing history?” and “Can a microscopic piece of technology solve enterprise-sized problems?” The answer is “Yes.”

Print ads began June 4 in the United States and begin in key global markets in the coming months.

The campaign was created by Euro RSCG MVBMS, New York.

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