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Instagram Layout is richer for brands

The Facebook-owned image and video platform Instagram announced today that a new app, Layout, will enable users to create and post collages using up to 11 combinations and nine images.

This means skipping the step of using third party photo editing platforms like Instapic Frames–something many of Instragram’s users had already been doing.

A customizable nine frame collage may seem a simplistic tool, but as Instagram says, it allows the “sharing (of) multiple moments from an entire adventure.” Users will be able to drag and drop photos, adjust relative size, and flip and rotate the images. For brands, it creates the opportunity to create richer customer experiences by rapidly arranging assets already uploaded to the platform. Layout will allow marketers to tell a story rather than just deliver one impactful image.

The collages can be saved, uploaded to Facebook, or distributed by email. It was not clear from the announcement whether video content could be incorporated into Layout collages. If so, it provides an opportunity to surround 15 second promotional videos with additional image-driven messaging.

The app is likely to build on the success Instragram has already demonstrated in creating engagement between brands and customers.

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