Inspire your employees to be ‘entrepreneurs’ and success will follow

Corporate America bears a striking resemblance to competitive sports. The CEO plays the role of team captain and the players work together to win the game, which translates to revenue growth, business development and client retention. To attain these goals, you should follow the adage that “success is not a one-man show.”

? When I first launched my digital marketing agency, Elite SEM, in 2004, I wanted the agency’s reputation to rest on the shoulders of employees who are not corporate drones. Instead of this common description, I encouraged my employees to thrive in an entrepreneurial and autonomous environment, and demonstrate a strong work ethic and passion to learn and grow their expertise. ?

If you motivate your employees to be entrepreneurs, success will follow. That means your company can focus its time and money more wisely on delivering results for clients, rather than placing ads in industry publications or hiring sales people. That word of mouth will travel from one brand to another, creating a consistent flow of business development and sales opportunities.

? Abandon the standard nine to five micromanagement approach, and be selective in the recruiting process. Ask unconventional questions during hiring interviews to gauge a candidate’s professional personality and goals, and discuss what employees want and need to prevent them from job hopping in search of a small salary increase. Show your employees that their success is the most important foundation for the agency’s success, and you’ll see their productivity, quality of work and motivation increase.

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