Ingenio gets PPC listings on Windows Live Search for mobile

Ingenio Inc. has signed an agreement with Microsoft that allows Ingenio pay-per-call listings on Windows Live Search for mobile.

This lets mobile users search for local business information such as restaurants, travel and hotel information or other local services that are relevant to any Ingenio pay-per-call ads appearing within these results.

“For Ingenio, we want to build out a distribution network that includes a variety of sources — online, offline and mobile,” said Marc Barach, chief marketing officer at Ingenio, San Francisco.

Windows Live Search for mobile is the most recent partner to join the Ingenio paid search advertising network. Live Search delivers personal search services that help consumers find what they are looking for on the Web, their desktop, their mobile device or in their geographic area.

The mobile consumer experience has been less than impressive. In addition, monetizing mobile search is also a challenge.

“Paid search advertising is a natural advertising model for mobile search: The phone device is already in the palm of the consumer’s hand, so making a phone call is intuitive,” Mr. Barach said. “For advertisers, receiving and paying for incoming calls from mobile consumers is the preferred way to interact with potential customers.”

The partnership aims to give consumers more relevant content that enhances the consumer mobile search experience.

The mobile search market is growing rapidly. According to a recent industry study, mobile advertising spending in 2006 is forecast at $871 million, rising to $1.5 billion by the end of 2007 and surpassing $11 billion by 2011, Mr. Barach said.

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