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InfoWorx adds in-house telemarketing

DRTV agency InfoWorx has added in-house telemarketing to its roster of services. The company also offers infomercial TV production and media buying. Omaha, NE-based voice solution provider Prairie Interactive Messaging will provide the backend call centers.

“We now have the ability to create telemarketing scripts at same time we create offers, testing strategies and alternative offers for our client at the beginning of creative process,” said Ron Perlstein, president of Infoworx. “Now, we’re able to make changes on the fly as opposed to rerecording and reprogramming.”

If one aspect of a campaign wasn’t working as well as another, he said, the company “could increase a client’s revenue in a 24 hour period.”

Perlstein said this service will also save advertisers around 20% on their cost-per-minute as opposed to using a separate interactive voice response (IVR) company.

The first client using the telemarketing service is BestLine International Research for its E-Z Par golf club cleaner.

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