InfoUSA Splits Donnelley Marketing Into 8 Divisions

Database provider infoUSA, Omaha, NE, announced yesterday it would split its Donnelley Marketing division into eight new vertical marketing groups, each dedicated to a specific industry.

In June 1999, infoUSA bought Donnelley Marketing from First Data Corp., Atlanta, for $200 million and later merged it with two infoUSA subsidiaries, Database America and Walter Karl. Now, Donnelley will become eight separate divisions, including:

ConsumerVision, for the merchandising and manufacturing industries, with president Steve Snyder, a 22-year Donnelley Marketing veteran.

FinancialVision, for the financial services and insurance industries, with president Chris Lundgren, formerly Donnelley Marketing vice president and regional manager.

IntelliCom, for the telecommunications and utility industries, with president Bob Preston, formerly Donnelley Marketing vice president and regional manager.

Donnelley Marketing, for the direct marketing industry, with president Hans Vermandel, formerly senior vice president and national sales manager at Donnelley Marketing.

TechVision, for the hi-tech and information industries, with president David Solomon, a 15-year technology industry veteran.

CatalogVision, for the catalog industry, with president Dan Gust, formerly senior vice president of client services at Donnelley Marketing.

Walter Karl, for list brokers and resellers, with president Ed Mallin, who was president of Walter Karl before its purchase by infoUSA.

DatabaseONE, for the customer relationship management industry, with president Michael Morreale, formerly executive vice president at Donnelley Marketing.

Donnelley Marketing executives did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment.

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