InfoUSA restructures Opinion Research

Database and marketing services provider infoUSA Inc. has reorganized Opinion Research Corp. only days after completing its purchase of the market researcher.

The acquired firm’s government research group will be called Macro International, based in Calverton, MD, a suburb of the nation’s capital. Greg Mahnke will run the group. Mr. Mahnke joined Macro International in 1999, when Opinion Research bought that company.

“This streamlines our reporting operations, allowing the management of Macro Direct access to Vin Gupta, CEO of infoUSA, and we’ve just combined the operational structure for the Opinion Research market segment,” said Stormy Dean, chief financial officer of infoUSA. “Macro International was part of Opinion Research when we acquired [it], and this reporting structure allows Greg Mahnke direct access to Vin Gupta.”

The firm’s second unit, the corporate marketing research group, will be called Opinion Research USA, UK and Asia-Pacific. Gerard Miodus will head the group. He has held several positions in the Opinion Research’s data collection area.

Mr. Mahnke and Mr. Miodus will report to Vin Gupta, chairman/CEO of infoUSA, Omaha, NE.

InfoUSA owns list brokerage and management firms like Walter Karl, Edith Roman, Millard Group, Mokrynskidirect and Rubin Response. The company also owns e-mail service provider Yesmail and Sales Genie, a lead generation online offering.

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