InfoUSA Plans UK Small Business Database

InfoUSA will begin compiling a database of small businesses in the United Kingdom this year after research indicated a need for the data, the Omaha, NE, company said.

The database will include publicly available data such as printed directories, and infoUSA will conduct 2 million to 3 million telephone surveys annually to collect and verify data. Data on the file will include address, owner, number of employees, number of locations, owned or rented facility and number of phone lines/PCs.

Aside from selling the database online and over the phone, infoUSA will use the data to create a British version of its Sales Genie subscription product, business credit reports, printed and DVD business directories and licensed data for UK resellers. The database also will bolster infoUSA subsidiary OneSource's UK information.

“After extensive market research, it is our belief that there is nothing like infoUSA's U.S. database in the UK,” infoUSA chairman/CEO Vin Gupta said in a statement. “I believe that a high-quality, telephone-verified database with additional content will generate a sizable business selling this database to small customers in the UK.”

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