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InfoUSA Plans InfoGenie for 2006

InfoUSA, Omaha, NE, said Friday that it will launch a business search tool called infoGenie sometime next year.

To power infoGenie, infoUSA plans to use detailed information from the 1 million U.S. businesses that have Web sites. As opposed to traditional standard industry classification code or yellow page searches, infoGenie will offer more granular information, the company said.

Instead of being able to search only for plumbing contractors, users will be able to specify plumbing contractors specializing in certain areas such as dehumidification or water softener installation, infoUSA said.

InfoUSA also will integrate infoGenie with its Sales Genie Web-based prospecting tool. Sales Genie is a subscription service allowing businesses to access unlimited sales leads from 12 databases online for a flat monthly fee of $250.

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