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Infosys announces launch of BrandEdge

Infosys announced the launch of BrandEdge, a cloud-based digital marketing platform, on April 23. The technology is intended to help marketers manage customer relationships and analytics, and organize marketing across digital properties, said Sanjay Purohit, SVP and global head of products, platforms and solutions at the company.

BrandEdge is based on the BLUE Framework, Purohit said, which stands for Build, Listen, Understand, and Engage. BrandEdge was co-created with Fabric, a WPP company that focuses on multichannel marketing.

BrandEdge is currently being used by pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, Purohit said, adding that the company is using the technology to drive consistent messaging across its 200 brands.

Purohit said, “BrandEdge allows you to bring information from all touchpoints into one place. It gives you one view of how our consumers from different channels are actually touching the brand.”

It gathers data from a variety of sources — including CRM data, digital asset data and other third-party data – and brings it into one place in the cloud, allowing for easier “listening” and “engagement” of customers, Purohit said.  “There is, and is going to continue to be, an explosion in digital marketing activity with social, mobile, digital and big data,” he said.

Because it is meant to unify listening, BrandEdge can also help unify engagement and messaging to customers, Purohit said.

Perhaps most importantly, Purohit said, is that BrandEdge allows marketers to “have consistent engagement across channels. You get the gateway to access all of the channels, including social and other capabilities.”

“Digital marketing, most importantly, is a two-way exercise,” Purohit said, so listening to customer data can help companies better engage them and build brands effectively.

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