Infomercial to Toot 'Boot Camp' Program Benefits

OneWorldLive, a direct response marketer of health fitness and beauty products, will play reveille for its new exercise program, Operation Get Fit, which promoters are comparing to a boot camp. The long-form infomercial will launch on Feb. 29.

The program includes two video exercise programs, a series of exercise mats called March Mats, two audiotapes, a printed diet and exercise guide and a one-month supply of Powertherm vitamins.

Tina Castaldi, fitness guru and former marathon runner who developed the program with OneWorldLive, will host the 30-minute show.

The infomercial will include demonstrations of the exercise program, before-and-after photos of program users, user testimonials and a narrative of Castaldi's life story.

Castaldi was stricken with a rare bone disease and had to wear leg braces from ages 11 to 15. She uses her motivational story about how she achieved her current athletic prowess to attract consumers to the program.

The program will be targeted to 28- to 55-year-old males and females.

“Usually weight-loss programs attract 77 percent females, but because of the boot-campy nature of the program it may get a 40-60 male-female split,” said Nancy Duitch, president/co-founder of OneWorldLive, Los Angeles.

The infomercial will direct consumers to a toll-free phone number and a Web site, which is being developed, to purchase the program. The retail price will range from $49 to $69, Duitch said, adding that a final price has not yet been determined.

Customer service representatives will upsell additional exercise tapes and monthly continuity programs for a variety of vitamin products. OneWorldLive will also upsell an oral “herbal energizer” product during infomercial.

OneWorldLive is responsible for scripting, production and fulfillment.

Mercury Media, Santa Monica, CA, is doing all media placement, Duitch said, adding that time slots have not yet been finalized. The infomercial is slated to run on national cable and network television.

Depending upon its success, OneWorldLive may produce a short-form version of the infomercial.

“We want to at least spend $12 million to $15 million on the campaign before we even consider short-form,” Duitch said. She said the production budget for the infomercial is $160,000 to $250,000.

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