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Infogroup to fold companies under one brand

Infogroup will reposition its various companies as product lines or services under the Infogroup brand beginning July 1, Clare Hart, the company’s CEO, told Direct Marketing News. As a result, well known direct marketing brands, such as Direct Media Millard and Edith Roman Associates, will no longer be used.

The Omaha, Neb.-based company will roll out the new organizational structure and branding on the one-year anniversary of CCMP Capital Advisorsacquisition of the data and services company. It will advertise the repositioning in trade press outlets directed at customers who “know us best and prospects who should know us,” said Hart.

Infogroup has worked with agency Gyro:HSR since last December to craft internal and external communications for the rebrand. The initial rebranding process began in December 2009 when the company created a common logo for its various businesses.

Infogroup will redesign each subsidiary company’s website to reflect the changes, and it will create support materials, such as business cards and email signatures, to reflect the over-arching Infogroup brand. Online ads will also reflect the change in branding.

“Today if you were to go on a sales call with three people from three different Infogroup groups, you’d see three different looks on their business cards,” said Hart. “What you’ll see by July is one look and feel.”  

All materials promoting the rebranding will feature the theme that “Our brand is changing, but our level of services won’t,” said Hart.

The company had also reorganized into three divisions: Infogroup, which handles all data and marketing products and services; ORC International, an Infogroup company, which manages engagement research and consulting services in the US and internationally; and OneSource, an Infogroup company, which handles business information services.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly explained how Infogroup will use the Direct Media Millard and Edith Roman Associates brand names. The company names will no longer be used once the company rebrands. We regret the error.

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