Infogroup seeks to strengthen B2B portfolio with Sapphire

Infogroup Targeting Solutions, a database marketing solutions provider, has launched Sapphire, a “multichannel prospecting” database designed for B2B marketers with modeling capabilities and analytics, says Jeff Adee, SVP of Infogroup’s B2B List Services Group.

The product is first in a line of anticipated B2B products from Infogroup, which is making a concerted effort to strengthen its presence in the B2B space.

“With the service, we’re testing data available and opening markets that Infogroup wasn’t as strong in before,” says Adee. “We’re using different verticals, different flexibilities, and different technologies.”

Sapphire enables marketers to access millions of postal addresses, telemarketing records, and email addresses to power their multichannel prospecting endeavors. The product also has an analytics component that allows marketers to examine the aggregated results of multichannel outreach, rather than focusing on response rates from each isolated channel.

One of Infogroup’s main target areas is the IT market, Adee says. “That market is a big one. Most of the B2B we’ve handled is in our hands already, but we were looking to expand further [into the IT market].”

Previous and existing databases are no longer as useful for marketers, Adee says. “We wanted to make something new that would be useful to B2B marketers today.”

Infogroup declined to disclose which items the company will next release in its multichannel engagement solutions line.  However, Adee did say customers can look forward to four or five products relating to online marketing spend from Infogroup’s line of solutions for B2B marketers, hinting that these services may include online and international efforts, in addition to other developments.

Sapphire is powered by Data Axle, a data hub connector Infogroup created following its GoTime acquisition. Sapphire provides engagement using direct mail, email, telemarketing, online advertising, lead generation, and analytics, according to a company release.

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