Infogroup and Epsilon partner on b-to-b solution

Infogroup’s targeting solutions business unit and Epsilon Targeting announced a partnership on Feb. 23 to create B2BAdvantage, a business-to-business marketing solution. The new product combines Infogroup’s b2bdatawarehouse and Epsilon Targeting’s Abacus transactional data.

“We realized that by bringing the two really together, we could work more seamlessly and provide one set of recommendations to the client, one set of combined analytics to the client, and they would benefit from that kind of solution,” said Stacey Hawes, senior vice president of account management and business development for Epsilon Targeting.

The companies explained B2BAdvantage offers marketers ways to simplify marketing, with a single point of contact for b-to-b work. The service draws on the companies’ combined transactional data and targeted lists to enable increased analytics, reporting, and sharing of knowledge in one unified approach. Names are supplied in a single mail stream, which the companies said cuts down on additional costs and inefficiencies of using multiple resources, as well as avoiding costs for merge-purge since it would be a merge-free environment.

In total the partnership offers marketers 30 million sites, 120 million contacts, 20 million email addresses, and 70 million phone records, as well as 4.8 billion transactions.

The two data giants have collaborated in the past for individual clients, with Epsilon offering its transactional information and Infogroup providing the analytics and list brokerage services.

Hawes added that by combining the brokered lists of b2bdatawarehouse and transactional data of Abacus, B2BAdvantage becomes the largest data asset available to marketers.

“When you bring together that breadth and depth of data, and have all that data ready for modeling and segmentation, that’s really where you get results,” Joe Tropeano, vice president of b-to-b brokerage for Infogroup’s targeting solutions unit.

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