Infographic: Which brands are inspiring the most passion on social media?

A new study from [email protected] reveals several insights into which brands are being advocated most passionately on social media and how consumers behavior varies across countries.

The study analyzed 7
million brand social mentions across 4 countries (Brazil, China, UK, US) and 22
brands (with data from partners CIC, Salesforce
Marketing Cloud, and Visible Technologies.) Specifically what the study looked for was how many mentions were actually advocating the brand as opposed to being neutral or negative.

Here are some of the key findings from the report:

Kiehls and Kimpton Hotels inspire some of the most passion on social media : Looks like people REALLY love their hand cream and hotels. In the US, these were the only two brands out of 22 that had over 50% of mentions
falling in the most enthusiastic advocacy category (love,
excitement, must-do/buy). These two brands had even more enthusiastic
advocacy compared to blockbuster movies like
and The Hunger Games. For Kiehls, people were more likely to talk about product features but for Kimptons, it was more about mentioning customer service, price and experience.

People in China are the most vocal about brands they love:  30% of all the social mentions coming from China were people advocating for the brand, compared to 13% and 12% for the US and UK respectively. If they love your brand in China, they will promote the hell out of it on social media.

People are passionate on social media about brands you’d least expect:   Out of the 22 brands surveyed, five with the highest advocacy percentage included 2 hotels, 2 skin care brands and 1 fashion retailer. One instant coffee brand came in among the top 10.

However, even if people love the brand, they’re not likely to mention it on social media:  Advocacy mentions represented about 15% of all brand mentions, with the remainder being either neutral or negative mentions. With some of the hotels on the list reporting over 80% customer satisfaction, it reveals a huge gap between customers who love the brand and customer who are willing to love it on social media.

 “Brands are failing at
driving satisfied customers to share in social media,” said Irfan Kamal, global head of Data+Analytics and
Products at [email protected] 
. “Our study suggests that the vast majority of satisfied customers are not publicly advocating
for brands on social platforms.”

He added, “Brands have not provided the technology,
incentives or content that both inspire and enable customers to speak out
To help close the gap,
brands must help facilitate advocacy volume, reward passion and amplify reach.”


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