Infographic: The “Smarter” Sex

They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It turns out that the two sexes shop on completely different planets, as well. Men, dads in particular, use a multitude of devices to tackle their holiday shopping. According to the “Spending Season 2013” Online Insights report by Burst Media, 60.2% of dads use laptops for their holiday shopping, compared to just 29.1% of moms. In addition, 53.9% of dads shop via their desktops, versus 45.1% for moms. The same holds true for mobile devices. The report cites that 56.6% of dads use their smartphones for online holiday shopping, compared to 44.9% of moms, and 54.8% of dads use their tablets, versus 35.1% of moms.

And while mobile seems to be the star device in both genders’ universes, women tend to rely on mobile apps more often. Of the respondents who shop via a smartphone or tablet, 54.6% of women and 41.9% of men use mobile shopping apps at least somewhat frequently. In fact, one third of women (33.2%) shop via their apps all the time or very frequently compared to 17.7% of men. However, men are more likely to use their mobile devices in-store than women. More than half of dads surveyed (54.3%) use mobile devices while shopping inside retail locations compared to just slightly over one third of moms (34.3%).

There’s also some disparity in the ways that men and women use their mobile devices in-store. Of the 40.3% of survey respondents who shop with a smartphone or tablet in-store, 12.4% of moms research or compare brand features, versus 52.1% of dads. In addition, 43.3% of women who are not moms use their mobile devices to research or compare store prices while in-store versus 53.8% of men who aren’t dads.


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