Infographic: Social Media Madness

March Madness rounds can be game changers for basketball fans engulfed in the competition. Similarly, social can be a game changer for marketers who connect with fans there.

According to “The State of Social Marketing 2014” survey by Socialbakers, 56.6% of marketers consider competitive social analysis important and 29.6% deem it somewhat or fairly important. However, given that less than one third of respondents (31.2%) use paid social analytics tools, marketers are missing out on a major scoring opportunity.

Additionally, while many marketers aim for a slam dunk by acquiring customers via social, too few are willing to assist. According to the survey, 61.7% of marketers surveyed list customer acquisition as a very important social media goal for 2014, but only 28.9% consider social customer care a very important goal.

In terms of building their social rosters, marketers surveyed say focusing on Facebook (81.2%), Twitter (43.7%), and YouTube (29.7%) is a high priority for them this year. Unfortunately, not every player will make the 2014 Dream Team. According to the survey, 60.9% of marketers say that Tumblr isn’t a priority for them at all. Respondents also indicate that Pinterest (34.8%), Instagram (23.3%), and Google+ (22.8%) will experience their share of bench time.

Furthermore, marketers need the right coach to lead them to victory. Thirty-nine percent of SMB marketers say they receive social media marketing support from their CEO, compared to 19% who list their CMO. Contrastingly, 30% of large company marketers consider their head of digital clutch in providing support.

 In addition to needing the right coach, marketers need the right gear. Fifty-nine percent of marketers use publishing tools to manage their social content, yet 41% still exclusively publish and manage content directly on social platforms—making it more difficult to track performance, according to Socialbakers.


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