Infographic: Social media is just as important for B2B companies

We all expect companies to communicate with us using social media, but data shows that it’s also crucial in helping companies communicate with each other

As Mark Bonchek pointed out it in his excellent blog post today, most companies make the mistake of using social media only as a one way channel to disseminate information, when in fact they should be using it to give, receive and listen.

We know that consumer facing firms are usually pretty savvy when it comes to social media, but now, according to data from PR and marketing communications firm Clearpoint, social media is just as important for business-to-business relationships as well.

The biggest takeaway from these numbers is that social media might not be as effective as email at capturing customer loyalty, but it is an easy and effective way to build a brand presence and brand credibility. Everyone gets Googled now, and for a company to do business with another company, it would have to at least have some sort of reassuring web presence. Put simply, if you’re a company that’s neglecting it’s Twitter account, you can’t be trusted to pay attention to other things either.

“We are
constantly thinking of creative ways to provide value to our clients, and we
were convinced that an infographic of this kind would be a great tool to
address how B2B companies are using social media marketing,” said Bonnie Shaw,
Clearpoint president and co-founder. “We believe it’s important for B2B
companies to adopt social media if they haven’t already because it builds brand
awareness, credibility and customer loyalty.”


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