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Infographic: Showrooming Isn’t on the Grocery List

When at the grocery store, Millennials tend to check out of their usual brand engagement actions. Digital marketing agency 360i analyzed in-store supermarket Twitter and Facebook conversations via mobile devices and discovered that Millennials find sharing other shoppers’ behavior to be more appetizing than posting about brands.

In fact, according to the study, only 3% of Millennials mention a brand when strolling down the grocery aisle, and less than 10% share a picture. When respondents did include an image, it was because something “unique or out of the ordinary” grabbed their attention, such as a massive cleanup in aisle seven, the report says. Hence, marketers who want to engage Millennials in-store must think of new, captivating ways to draw in these mobile socialites.

So what are Millennials tweeting about in the dairy aisle? Apparently, they find fellow shoppers worth mentioning most, especially when interactions involve annoying or embarrassing scenarios. While 26.5% of Millennials posted a “positive” or “very positive” comment on a social network, 46.5% of respondents posted a “negative” or “very negative” remark, according to the study. For example, 36% of Millennials will use their social networks to vent about an annoying fellow customer, and 21% alerted their followers of an embarrassing encounter.

And while approximately one third of Millennials expressed annoyance or stress in their posts, 24% expressed some form of amusement; such as catching the eye of the cute produce boy or hearing their favorite song, according to the study.


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