Infographic: Send a Good Impression

You can’t spell email without the “m” and the “e.” And when it comes to using email to enhance consumer relationships, marketers must deliver more customization and less spam.

According to a recent YouGov online survey commissioned by Emailvision, entitled Emailvision Survey: Cultivating Brand Trust Online, 75% of the 2,001 adults surveyed hold grudges against brands that blast them with emails, and 71% hold unwelcomed emails responsible for their bitterness.

The respondents also cited the misspelling of their name (50%) and confusing their gender (40%) as main button pushers. Even so, 40% of respondents admitted that they wouldn’t share personal information with a brand to receive more targeted emails. This figure jumped to 49% for adults who are 55 and older.

On the flip side, 28% of respondents are willing to give their name, 37% are willing to provide their age, and 38% are willing to list their gender, according to the survey. But is there a boundary between personal information and TMI? According to the study, 8% of consumers were even willing to tell a brand their underwear size to receive more relevant email offers.

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