Infographic: Rounding up Brand Advocates

Eighty percent of consumers engage with a brand by publishing messages online, searching for content, or posting on a brand’s social network at least once a month, according to a study by JWT/OgilvyAction and EXPO. But to drive sales and engagement, brands really want to lasso the top 25%, or what JWT/OgilvyAction and EXPO refer to as the Brand Connected Consumers (BCCs). According to the study, 100% of these participatory patrons post to and about brands at least once a week. In addition, 64% of BCCs engage with a brand prior to purchase, while 43% engage post purchase.

So how can brands round up their BCCs? For starters, brands should identify and segment them, rather than corral them with the rest of the herd. According to the study, BCCs are generally educated females between 18-to-34 years old who are employed and reside in a family household. BCCs are lead riders in social, as well; 80% check Facebook and 51% use YouTube daily.

However, these engaged customers aren’t afraid to outlaw a brand after a dire experience. In fact, consumers who experience a “less than satisfied” online exchange will stop purchasing a brand’s products or services one in four times, according to the study. BCCs also want the dialogue to be two way. Seventy percent of consumers claim that they’ll stop buying from a brand that doesn’t respond to their online complaints. Unfortunately, 56% of the time a brand will ignore a consumer’s negative post, according to the study.

Ultimately, BCCs want to discuss the good, as well as the bad and the ugly, directly with a brand; six in 10 consumers will send a direct message to express their satisfaction.

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