Infographic: Marketers Tackle the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner; however, the 49ers and the Ravens aren’t the only ones gearing up for game day. Marketers are also going over their final plays, particularly in the TV and social arenas.

According to Lab42‘s Super Bowl Summary Report, which surveyed 500 adults in the United States, 71% of respondents intend to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. However, 39% admit their favorite part of watching the Super Bowl is seeing the commercials, compared to 28% who get the most enjoyment out of watching the game itself. In fact, 38% of game day gatherers would rather use the restroom during the actual game, while only 23% say they would rather miss an ad or two when nature calls. After all, consumers can always watch the TV spots online, which 69% claim to have done in the past.

So, what is it about Super Bowl ads that keep consumers glued to their screens when they would rather fast-forward during the other 364 days of the year? According to the report, 72% of survey participants claim that Super Bowl ads are funnier than other ads and 57% deem the ads to be more creative. But are these (somewhat) football fanatics willing to share the laughs with their friends? Yes. More than one third of consumers have shared a Super Bowl commercial via their social networks; however, only one fifth of consumers have sent a friend a Super Bowl spot via email.

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