Infographic: Marketers Struggle to Make the (Data-Driven) Grade

Business leaders expect their marketing teams to be schooled in data. But when asked to evaluate their relationship with data, few marketers passed with flying colors. In fact, marketers averaged a B-, according to a recent Domo survey.

Despite the meager mark, many marketers remain confident in their skill set. According to the survey, 90% of marketers agree or strongly agree that they’re secure in their marketing abilities, compared to just 10% who disagree or strongly disagree. And marketers believe that they’re not the only ones certain of their aptitude. The survey cites that 89% of marketers agree or strongly agree that their CEO is confident in their abilities, compared to 11% who disagree. But marketers aren’t cocky on all fronts. Marketers seem to lose their self-certainty when it comes to managing data. In fact, about two thirds (66%) of respondents disagree or strongly disagree that they’re able to handle the volume of marketing data available for analysis without feeling overwhelmed.

Perhaps marketers’ data confidence is so low because they don’t interact with their data sources on a daily basis. According to the survey, only one third of marketers check their business intelligence solutions daily, and about 26% check CRM every day. In addition, only about a quarter of survey participants check marketing automation and social media (24%) for data daily. However, marketers believe that their lack of data consumption isn’t their fault. Marketers say they would consume more data if they could have more time to analyze it (69%), see it all in one place (66%), and have more time to collect it (44%).

Marketers know that data can teach them important lessons. Eighty-seven percent of marketers agree or strongly agree that they need data to do their jobs well, and 83% of marketers say it’s important to have access to data in real time. Furthermore, two thirds of marketers agree or strongly agree that it’s important to have access to marketing data on all devices, including computer, tablet, and phone. One reason why it’s important for marketers to have access to data is because many are responsible for their department’s ROI. In fact, 82% of marketers say they’re held accountable for ROI on marketing spend; however, just 33% of marketers have access to marketing’s revenue contribution data.

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