Infographic: I Want It Now!

More! More! More! That’s all today’s consumers ever say. And marketers are the ones bending over backward to satisfy consumers’ every whim.  In fact, 65% of marketers say that consumer expectations for relevant offers and interactions have the greatest long-term impact on marketing strategy, according to “Turbulence for the CMO” by marketing software and service provider Accenture Interactive. Likewise, 70% of marketers surveyed anticipate marketing’s role to change dramatically within the next five years. Hence, marketers will have to broaden their digital tool belts, as well as their wallets, if they hope to satisfy their customers’ real-time demands.

According to the survey, 66% of marketing executives intend to dedicate at least one quarter of their budget to digital marketing in 2013. Likewise, 23% of marketers plan to allocate more than half of their budget towards digital marketing in 2013. But the cash flow doesn’t end there. Forty-eight percent of marketers aim to spend more on managing customer data, 40% plan to increase spending on Web analytics, and 39% intend to shell out more for marketing analytics, according to the survey. But this digital overhaul might require a little help. According to the survey, 52% of marketers say they intend to hire more digitally savvy employees, and 55% plan on providing their current employees with digital training.

But are agencies and outside partners lending marketers a helping hand in this digital transformation? More than half (55%) of marketers are satisfied with their agency or partner collaborations, and 36% of marketers believe that agencies and partners are not able to fulfill their promises.

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