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Infographic: How to get your content shared across social media

Mashable is a juggernaut when it comes to getting its content shared across social networks. It gets around 2.5 million shares every month across all its articles and one data analyst decided to try and crack the code behind its success.

Here’s an infographic from Paul North, head of content and strategy at UK digital marketing and SEO firm Mediarun, which shows the result of a study on Mashable’s content sharing.

Some of the major takeaways from the study are: 

– Facebook is still the biggest player when it comes to sharing content on social media, but human interest stories are most likely to get shared on this platform. 

– Articles with video and images are way more likely to get shared than others. 

– Each social media platform has different types of stories that are more suited to it, for e.g. Facebook is best for “watercooler” or interesting/funny/weird stuff, Twitter is best for news and social media, Google Plus for tech news, and LinkedIn for business news. 

– But some media just doesn’t work well for some platforms, for e.g. LinkedIn isn’t great for sharing video and Facebook isn’t great for longform articles. 

– The best time to share content is when both the US and Europe are awake (if your content is focused on business/news from the West.) 

And here’s plenty more facts and figures to give you some insight about how you can optimize your content for sharing across different platforms. 


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