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Infographic: How do Americans get their news?

Here’s why a legacy newspaper is cheaper to buy than a social media company these days.

Many people were shocked at the low price tag on The Washington Post, when news broke that it got sold to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon for $250 million. Compare that with the $1.1 billion Yahoo paid to acquire Tumblr and the $1 billion Facebook paid for Instagram. But this infographic from Uberflip will give you some insight into the big decline of print and the rise of social media for how people get their news.

Key Takeaways:

  • 67% of people read yesterday’s news through Facebook.
  • 62% of Smartphone owners use their device to read the news.
  • 50% of tablet owners consume news on both tablets and traditional print sources.
  • TV popularity has declined but still remains the lead source of news in the US.

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