Infographic: Giving content generation the green light

Generating original content can be time consuming and potentially costly; however, marketers are seeing the payoff now more than ever. HubSpot evaluated the relationship between inbound marketing, traffic flow, and lead generation for more than 7,000 of its customers by scrutinizing companies’ social media, blog, and website pages. The results? Marketers that give content creation the green light drive straight into the fast lane for traffic and leads.
For businesses looking to drive traffic full-throttle, it’s better to go big or go home. According to the study, businesses with 51 to 100 pages of Web content get more than 48% more traffic than organizations with one to 50 pages. Likewise, organizations with more than 50 employees and 1,000 or more Web pages gain 9.5 times more traffic than companies with the same number of employees but with fewer than 51 web pages. Additionally, companies that produce 15 or more blog posts per month generate five times more traffic than those that have no blog.
In terms of lead generation, the study found that B2B and B2C organizations that create 101 to 200 pages of Web content propel 2.5 times more leads than those with 50 or fewer pages. On the flip side, B2B organizations that blog one to two times per month drive 70% more leads than organizations that don’t blog at all. 

If marketers really want to lap the competition, they’ll have to kick their social channels into high gear. Businesses that have 51 to 100 Twitter followers rev up their website traffic 106% more than companies with 25 or fewer followers. Likewise, companies with more than 1,000 Facebook likes experience a 185% traffic increase over those with fewer likes.

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