Infographic: Digital and TV Costar as the Next Dynamic Duo

Television may have hogged the spotlight at one time, but online video is forcing the telly to play more of a supporting role.

According to Nielsen’s study “A Comprehensive Picture of Digital Video and TV Advertising: Viewing, Budget Share Shift, and Effectiveness,” commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), respondents who saw an online ad in a full episode player before seeing the ad on TV found the ad to be more likeable. For example, 21% of respondents who saw the ad online first liked the ad, compared to 15% who only saw the ad on television. The same holds true for brand, general, and message recall. Thirty-six percent of respondents remembered a brand after seeing the online ad first, compared to 27% who only saw the spot on TV; and 53% of respondents who had prior exposure to the online ad experienced general ad recall, versus 46% of respondents who solely watched the TV ad. Also, 29% of respondents recalled a message after seeing the online ad first, compared to 20% who just saw the ad on TV.

Advertisers are taking advantage of this dynamic duo by upping their digital spend. For instance, advertisers for consumer packaged goods (CPG) that shifted 15% of their TV advertising budgets to online were able to reach 17% of their audiences in both channels. 

What’s the likelihood of a viewer watching an ad online first? According to the study, the lightest TV watchers stream more than seven hours of video per month, compared to TV’s heaviest watchers who only stream three hours of video a month. And these online video streamers are willing to watch an ad or two to get access to content. Video streamers tune into ads for an average of 20 seconds and have an average viewing completion rate of 87%, the study cites.

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