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Infographic: Content Marketing Sweetens the Mix

There’s no perfect recipe for whipping up the ideal marketing mix, but brands and agencies agree that content marketing is an essential ingredient. According to a survey by global newspaper website MailOnline, 66% of brands and 65% of agencies think that branded content marketing has become “very important” or “most important” to their overall mix. In addition, 70% of brands and 77% of agencies say they’ve applied branded content marketing for advertising purposes within the past year.

Although brands and agencies agree that branded content marketing is important, they differ when it comes to their preferred methods of measuring the success of their content marketing programs. For instance, 30% of agencies cited brand lift as their preferred method, while 32% of brands cited sales lift, according to the study.

Brands also seem to use content marketing for a variety of purposes. For example, 83% of brands say they create branded content for their website or email marketing, 69% say they distribute content in other forms of digital media, and 67% say they purchase placements for branded content for advertising purposes. But brands aren’t stopping there! According to the study, 72% of brands say they’ve increased their content marketing spend within the past year, and 69% expect that budget to increase even more in the coming year.

Similarly, 71% of agencies claim that their clients increased their content marketing spend within the past year, and 73% believe their client’s spending will increase this year. In addition, 57% of brands and 84% of agencies that haven’t tried branded content marketing in the past intend to give it a go in the next year.

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