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Infographic: Brands Leave Their Mark on Consumers

Consumers are willing to give preferred brands their loyal stamp of approval, but they do sometimes stray to private label products. According to the results of the Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Awards, conducted in partnership with BrandSpark International, 72% of surveyed shoppers prefer to buy discounted brand name items rather than purchase private label products.

While more than nine in 10 consumers bought private label items in 2012, private label loyalty is stronger in the food section. For instance, six in 10 consumers have purchased private label dairy, dry food like cereal, and frozen vegetables; however, four in 10 shoppers refuse to buy a private label or store brand makeup or hair care product.

When customers do venture out and try new products, they want to feel encouraged by their decision. According to the results, 40% of women and 34% of men find consumer-voter award endorsements valuable when shopping for beauty and grooming products, and 72% of consumers say they trust these awards.

However, consumer-voted awards aren’t the only purchase influencers. Consumers also rely on their mobile devices to gain product knowledge and discounts. According to the results, more than five in 10 consumers depend on their smartphone to download and scan coupons, and 30% of consumers 18-to-34 years old maintain shopping lists on their phones regularly or occasionally.

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