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Infocore Reintroduces Former Prentice Hall Database

List management and brokerage firm Infocore Inc. has assumed management of a customer database formerly owned by the defunct Prentice Hall Direct Education.

The 706,000-name file was acquired by publisher John Wiley & Sons from Prentice Hall Direct's parent company, Pearson Education, in late May. At that time, the remaining assets of Prentice Hall Direct were absorbed into Pearson.

“Prentice Hall Direct's direct marketing expertise has been integrated into the direct marketing operations of Pearson's Family Education Network,” said Wendy Spiegel, spokeswoman for London-based Pearson Education. “Pearson's Penguin Putnam organization is now the publisher of the titles formerly represented by Prentice Hall Direct.”

Wiley named Infocore of Encinitas, CA, as list manager for its newly acquired Prentice Hall Direct Education file earlier this month. The new name of the file is the Wiley & Jossey-Bass Direct Education Book Buyers. Wiley, Hoboken, NJ, had bought publishing company Jossey-Bass from Pearson in 1999.

The database is selectable by geography, gender, recency, business address, home address and multi-buyers. Additional selections include subject categories such as reading/English, science, social studies, math, health and special education.

The base price on the file is $115/M.

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