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Influencers Christine Le and Brandon Wong wed in Lake Como

"Como Wedding"
“Como Wedding”

In a picturesque ceremony in Lake Como, Italy, Christine Le and Brandon Wong, renowned influencers and style trendsetters, tied the knot. They celebrated their vows amidst close friends and family, encircled by an aesthetic blend of vintage sophistication and modern charm.

Some of the region’s top wedding planners meticulously planned this grandeur-filled event. Every detail of the ceremony mirrored their distinctive style and taste, from Christine’s stunning gown to Brandon’s bespoke suit.

The gala reception that followed their solemn vows was rich in gastronomical delicacies. It offered a harmonious fusion of Italian and Asian cuisines, reflecting their respective cultural backgrounds. The sumptuous sit-down dinner and handpicked wines and pastries rounded off the culinary voyage.

The evening’s charm was enhanced by live music performances, fascinating the crowd. The celebration was covered by media agencies and live-streamed, providing fans exclusive insight into their beloved influencers’ memorable day.

The perfect blend of tradition and contemporary fashion was evident throughout the event, making it a befitting testament to the couple’s love story and journey so far.

Lake Como wedding: Influencers’ stylish union

Christine and Brandon expressed their gratitude to their well-wishers through a heartfelt social media post, promising to share more snippets from their grand celebration.

Their love story began in 2014 at the University of Washington and was sealed with a private rooftop proposal in Paris. Their first wedding in a beautiful Seattle chapel led to their current residence in suburban Chicago and a promise to travel to a new destination annually, creating many shared memories.

They chose the tranquility of Lake Como, with its eleven secluded rooms and mesmerizing gardens, for their intimate Italian wedding—a scrumptious menu featuring local delicacies added to the enchanting ambiance. The twinkling lights on the water created a magical atmosphere as they danced with loved ones under the starlit sky.

The planning genius of Christina, the wedding planner, added a unique personal touch with features like Brandon’s vintage Porsche Speedster entry and their dog serving as the honorary bridesmaid. A live saxophonist played as the couple had their first dance, adding the final touch to an unforgettable day.

The wedding, held on May 25th, 2024, left behind a beautiful collection of pictures by Konstantyn, who had previously captured their engagement photos in Paris. The backdrop perfectly complemented the vintage charm of their celebration, with the joy of their loved ones beautifully captured in the photographs.

The couple’s journey of love and togetherness portrayed through their wedding ceremony stands as an inspiring testament to their love, individuality, and shared sense of adventure, marking it as a day to be remembered for decades to come.

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