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In-Finn-Ity Rolls Out Abbott & Costello

In-Finn-Ity Direct, Los Angeles, is taking its infomercial for Universal’s Abbott & Costello video collection national this month. The company was awarded the infomercial because of the success and retailer enthusiasm for the Alfred Hitchcock Centennial collection, which it produced for Universal in August.

Terry Finn, president of In-Finn-Ity, said the company will be working with Universal again soon on more projects. Finn credits retailers with convincing larger companies like Universal to embrace the DRTV format.

Tyee Deal Solidifies President’s Vision

Tyee Group president/CEO Spencer Brown said last week that the company’s purchase by Euro RSCG Worldwide, New York, serves as another step toward completing a vision he has pursued since he assumed his post with Tyee, Portland, OR.

Euro RSCG Worldwide gained a majority stake in Tyee on Feb. 29, making the long-time DRTV trendsetter a part of Euro’s The Sales Machine. Brown said he has already had extensive contact with other member firms of the sales conglomerate to discuss cross-pollination of products and services.

“This is really wonderful,” Brown said. “When I first came here, I had a vision to bring this company up to a certain level that I think this acquisition complements perfectly. As a member of this network of companies, we can exploit untapped regions and we will be growing immensely.” n

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