Infiniti Plugs New Model With CD-ROM, Microsite

Infiniti, the luxury car division of Nissan North America, this week launched a CD-ROM featuring an advertisement promoting its 2002 Q45, which is expected to hit showrooms in April.

The CD-ROM provides a video introduction to the 2002 Q45. The video introduction launches a start page that links consumers to product categories such as safety, performance, design, technology and luxury. Each category features engineers, designers and Infiniti Indy car driver Eddie Cheever discussing the car. Also, the CD-ROM contains a link to the recently launched microsite,, promoting the car.

The CD-ROM is the first of three installments. The second version will launch at the Detroit Auto Show Jan. 9, and the final version's launch will coincide with the model launch in April. The campaign will run until September 2001.

Steve Sammons, model line marketing manager for the Q45 at Infiniti, Gardena, CA, said the CD features four recently released jazz singles from jazz recording company Verve Music Group and a complimentary Internet connection through FreeLane, an Excite subsidiary.

“The perceived value of the CD-ROM is beyond an advertisement,” he said. “It actually provides enjoyment for the consumer.”

Infiniti is targeting Americans with an annual income of more than $200,000.

The CD-ROM is being distributed at Infiniti's 150 dealerships nationwide. It also will be contained in an insert with a full-page print ad in Fast Company at the end of this year, Sammons said, adding that Infiniti is in discussions with five other undisclosed magazines for a similar advertisement.

Infiniti also will include the CD-ROMs in a direct mail campaign dropping in early November. The campaign will consist of four drops of 200,000 pieces each over six months. The CD-ROM will be mailed to existing Infiniti customers, consumers who have opted in for direct mail on the Infiniti Web site,, and lists purchased from a variety of undisclosed list providers. The company will announce sales goals for the new model in January.

The company also is running banner advertisements linking consumers to the new model microsite. The ads, which are being served by MatchLogic, are targeted primarily to financial Web sites. “Ninety percent of our upper-income demographic have relatively large stock portfolios, and 80 percent invest online,” Sammons said.

Infiniti will launch television advertisements to coincide with the April car launch, Sammons said, adding that it is too early to provide specifics.

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