*Industry Growth to Create Thousands of New Jobs, German Show Says

WIESBADEN, GERMANY–German DM turnover is expected to rise 10 percent to 36 billion German marks, roughly $22.5 billion, in 1998, DDV, the German DMA, announced here today.

Speaking at DDV’s annual press conference, held in conjunction with the association’s annual trade show DIMA, DDV’s president Friedhelm Lammoth said continued industry growth could create thousands of new jobs. But he worried that growth could be stunted if the new government in Bonn passed more restrictive laws than those already on the books.

“We are particularly concerned about discussion about a new privacy law,” Lammoth said. “Germany doesn’t need a new privacy law. The one we have is strict enough. The German European should not by himself sharpen the European data protection law and rob the German economy and the German consumer of the opportunities of future growth and burden it with extra costs.”

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