Individualized Insights Goes Far Beyond Personalization

Data-driven marketing presents unmatched opportunities to connect one-to-one with consumers. While segmentation may set direction for whom to target, and personalization helps to engage those groups, individualized insight goes beyond those basics to captivate customers and drive them to action through contextually relevant messaging and interactions.

Join Michael E. Gazala, VP, Research Director at Forrester Research Inc., Jenne Barbour, Marketing Strategy at Teradata Marketing Applications, and Direct Marketing News Editor-in-Chief Ginger Conlon as they discuss how to use data-driven marketing to uncover and apply individual insights. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Put a strategic plan in place to harness the benefits of data-driven marketing
  • Shift your team’s thinking to be data- and customer-centric
  • Get buy-in from the various teams involved and build collaboration
  • Set measures to track the success of your data-driven marketing initiatives
  • Determine the right technology to support your data-driven marketing efforts
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