IncrediMail partners with MGM Studios for Rocky Balboa e-mails

IncrediMail, a software company specializing in consumer products and services on the Internet, has teamed with MGM Studios to offer branded content supporting the release of “Rocky Balboa” through its suite of interactive Web applications.

Incredimail will offer “Rocky Balboa” branded backgrounds among its free e-mail skins.

“Our collaboration with MGM on ‘Rocky Balboa’ is one of many more collaborations to come,” said Javier Salom, director of business development at IncrediMail.

“MGM was preparing its marketing plan for “Rocky Balboa” at the same time that we decided to open our viral network to include branded promotional material. From a promotional perspective, MGM quickly recognized the viral branding value of our e-mail technology and the 10 million active users, captive audience IncrediMail brings to the table.”

The branded applications include a series of “Rocky Balboa”-themed e-mail backgrounds, The Rocky theme song used to alert users when they have new messages, an e-mail skin to customize and decorate users’ inbox toolbar with “Rocky Balboa” images, four “Rocky Balboa” wallpapers and a screensaver.

All of these applications can be downloaded for free at In addition, all of the applications include direct links to the official Rocky Balboa Web site. The film’s site at features a trailer for the sixth version of the legendary Sylvester Stallone film.

The structure of the deal and financial terms are not disclosed, however both parties benefit from the viral marketing at a low cost. Incredimail, Tel Aviv, Israel, claims its users send more than 330 million e-mails each month.

Expect to see more variety in brands among the IncrediMail suite in the months to come.

“We are currently working with other studios to launch more campaigns,” Mr. Salom said. “But beyond the film industry, we are looking forward to working with other advertisers that can benefit from this type of brand interaction. These include the music industry, television, gaming and sports leagues.”

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