Increased searcher traffic will push segmented measurement

It is increasingly difficult for search marketers to manage rapidly 
increasing amounts of data due to growing campaign size and searcher 
To avoid such challenges, marketers should leverage campaign 
measurement to create a segmented audience for both products and 
services while optimizing campaign tactics, according to market 
researcher JupiterResearch, a division of Jupiter Kagan Inc., New 
York. Its report, “Search Marketing: Understanding Searchers’ 
Patterns to Enable Targeting,” said marketers first need to 
understand the way people search to enable better targeting.
“Search engine adoption varies among ethnic groups,” the report said.
The research found that 48 percent of searchers use Google as their 
primary search engine. But demographics affect this result. Thirty-
six percent of African Americans and 35 percent of Caucasians use 
Google. However, 70 percent of the Asian Americans surveyed claim it 
is their primary engine.
Age matters as well. Books, DVDs and music are usually the search 
query of individuals ages 18 to 24. Individuals between the ages of 
45 to 54 search for travel the most.
Growth in searcher traffic will encourage segmented measurement, the 
study said. JupiterResearch expects search volume in the United 
States to grow from 139 billion queries in 2005 to 178 billion in 2011.
“For marketers planning to filter this traffic for relevant 
audiences, differences in use will become critical – 70 percent of 
searchers age 18 to 24 who use search engines type in company and 
product names, compared with 58 percent of overall searchers,” the 
study said.
Search marketers’ demands for tools is a challenge for technology 
sellers. However, adoption of measurement technology will continue. 
Marketers must optimize their resources and combine data for campaign 
analysis, the report said.
Marketers are focusing on adding new keywords (58 percent), 
optimizing landing pages (45 percent) and changing ad copy (38 
percent) to improve campaign results, according to the report.
“Search engines must prepare to respond to increasing demands from 
marketers regarding support of these tactics (e.g., through audience 
segmentation allowance, deep keyword research capabilities),” the 
report said. “Additionally, search engines must educate marketers 
regarding targeting opportunities.

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