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Inbox Insider: New Year’s resolutions for e-mail marketers

It’s almost a new year and time for resolutions. For e-mail marketers that have been meaning to up their e-mail program, it’s a great time to do so.

January brings with it some quiet time for many online marketers who have just finished a busy marketing season. It is a great time to look over the results of the holiday with a fine-toothed comb and analyze what worked and didn’t work and use this to refine your program. The results from many A/B holiday tests can help plan the strategy for the year to come.

The post holiday time is also a good time to reward your new customers who signed up for your e-mail program during the holidays. Send them a thank you note and an offer based on their holiday purchase.

2009 also may be the year that you get more sophisticated with your e-mail program and introduce e-mail marketing into transactional messages and create a triggered e-mail option that sends relevant messages based on site behavior.

It is also a great time to clean house before the year takes off. Holiday mailings leave marketers with many fresh analytics, including bounce rates and feedback loops. With more e-mail than usual having gone out in the last two months, it is an ideal time to look at who is not responding and make sure that they are either not being mailed to anymore or if it is just a matter of low open rates, then it’s a good time to consider letting consumers control the frequency of the e-mail that they receive. It is always a best practice to have a clean list.

Compliance is another big thing to resolve to do this year, if you haven’t done so. With CAN-SPAM updating its rules this past year, if you haven’t done so already, you should make sure your e-mail program is up-to-date with the rules for the New Year to come.

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