Inbox Insider: Co-branding promotions can build lists

Co-branding is great way to get multiple messages to a consumer within one e-mail, as well as to expand a company’s e-mail audience to a complementary brand’s list.

This week, Virgin America and Banana Republic teamed up for an e-mail contest playing on their sleek and fashionable brand identities. The companies distributed the message on February 23, encouraging consumers to enter the “Land the Look” contest.

Playing on both brands’ reputations, the contest combines flying and dressing in style with the chance to win a $1,000 wardrobe from Banana Republic’s spring collection and free flights. The contest directs consumers to a Banana Republic landing page where they can opt in with their e-mail and mailing addresses to play a slot machine-style game.

I received an e-mail from Virgin America, since I am on the company’s list, offering a 20%-off coupon at the Banana Republic online store. The contest is a great way for the company to acquire new customers by giving them an incentive to shop.

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